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As I think I mentioned before, I'm doing Origami for my Thing a Day. I made some creatures over the weekend which I will post photos of later.
Friday: Fox and Bird "Coot"
Saturday: Pig and a REALLY bad T-Rex
Sunday: I think I tried to skip too many level as my butterfly, angel and orchid all BOMBED (not even the "Water bomb” worked, so much for Bombing!) But my two toned snake looked cute. It made me want to get some actual two colored paper for this project. But I'm broker than broke right now, so my Thing a Day today was design some of my own origami paper. I'm a HUGE MC Escher fan, so he's the basis for this. Tomorrow I may move on to colors. But let's see how this goes for now.

My first attempt at Origami paper is under the cut

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Thing-a-day Challenge: Day 2

I entered NaPhoDaYr last year, and am still in the habit of carrying my camera around with me in the car.
Not sure why some things call me, they just do. Peeling paint, textures on the ground, patterns in bricks or rocks. I have a fantasy of some day publishing a book of these photos through some vanity press like LuLu or Cafe Press. But for now, I am just taking the pictures.

Along Bridge St. Along Bridge St.
Napa Auto windows Napa Auto windows
Windows bricked up by a previous tenant.
Napa Auto Parts Napa Auto Parts
Getty station Getty station
Cover a man hole, valve, switch or pipe fitting??? What is under it and why the X?

I tried to make another hat pin tonight. The beads I chose were mostly bone and horn. For some reason the glue I used on the pins last night would not set up on this one. I wonder if it has something to do with the naturals. If the horn/bone soaked up some component of the glue and prevented it from setting?
Curious. I may have to try a different glue. More on my experiments with hat pins tomorrow.
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Bad Moderator, no cookie

I ended up in the ER until 3am with an old friend/co-worker/room-mate while she had some unexpected surgery.
But I did manage to squeeze in 2 hat pins before I left work. One of the upsides of working for myself.

Feb 1st
Feb 1st
2 hat pins

I will post todays accomplishments after much coffee!
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Mia & Me


.... and they're off!

Post to this list by midnight tonight and tell us what you've made today!
If you can snap a quick photo, even better!
( we are not expecting a photo of your knitting worthy of framing. Just give us an idea!)
If you make two things, in all of your excitement, post them both!

I have narrowed my list of possible things to make today down to about 12!
We will see which one actually gets made by the end of the day! LOL

Now quit reading LJ and GO MAKE SOMETHING!
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